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Educate Differently

educate differently

Michigan Online School: An Innovative Approach

In 2020, COVID forced many traditional schools to go remote almost overnight. Many struggled with how to deliver instruction and interact with students from a distance. Understanding whether students mastered learning was seemingly impossible. Even understanding how to take attendance when students weren’t at a desk, in a classroom, or inside a building was a challenge. Michigan Online School is a cyber school that has delivered education digitally since 2017. We educate students differently.

Our high-tech platforms hold a curriculum specially designed to be delivered digitally. Whether your student is enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, or Credit Recovery, the curriculum is interactive and engaging for students with various lesson types and formats. Tools automatically track attendance and student engagement as students work in their online courses and supplemental programs. Teachers use specially developed tools to engage students in the curriculum asynchronously and measure the learning of the content regardless of whether students can or choose to attend live sessions.

Importantly, we partner with parents in the education of their children. Parents can see what their children are doing online. They can review lessons and curriculum 24/7/365 and monitor their student’s progress, growth, attendance, and grades in real-time. Students and families can choose to attend live sessions. The school welcomes parents into all live sessions. Michigan Online School believes in transparency and that parents should know firsthand what is happening in their child’s classroom. Families can give their children the best of both worlds with Michigan Online School’s certified teachers, Success Coaches, support staff, and parental 1:1 support at home. If you want to educate your children differently, come and take flight with us.

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