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Welcome 2023-2024


Welcome to Michigan Online School!

At MOS, we believe that education is not just about learning. It’s about growing, achieving, and succeeding. That is why we educate differently, ensuring that high expectations shape your child’s future. Our school inspires and engages students and provides a learning experience for the 21st century.

Our passionate, state-licensed teachers offer academic support through an asynchronous instructional model that gives families the most flexibility. Live class session offerings and helping students to succeed by focusing on their personal growth and achievement is what we do at Michigan Online School. Our dynamic Success Coaches offer support and direction for all students. Success Coaches are students’ and parents’ partners and guides through this transformed model of education. Our Counseling Team schedules classes, works with students and parents to create educational development plans, discusses college and career options, and works to keep students well, socially, and emotionally.

At MOS, we focus on the whole child. So we make sure to put our students at the center of every decision we make. Therefore, we strongly urge our parents, guardians, and students to be highly involved, to be connected, to be engaged, and put forth the effort and commitment to make this a successful school year. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it!

We are particularly excited for the upcoming school year and want to warmly welcome you to the Michigan Online School community!

Wings up, Phoenixes!

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Best regards,
Stephanie Hargens

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