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Asynchronous Schooling

asynchronous schooling

What is Asynchronous Schooling?

Schooling asynchronously is probably very different from anything you and your student have ever experienced in an educational setting. Michigan Online School is one of the only asynchronous schools in Michigan. So what does it mean to go to an asynchronous school? Our students have six courses consisting of four core content courses (math, English Language Arts, social studies, science) and two elective courses. In a traditional school, students must follow a pre-determined schedule and attend live classes to learn and earn credit.

We truly believe in putting kids first and letting our Phoenix families decide what is best for their students. Parents know their children better than anyone else. By partnering with our teachers and Success Coaches, your student will receive a personalized education focused on achievement and future goals. For instance, is your student challenged by science? Does he or she choose to work on that first in his or her day? Does your student have some gaps to fill in math? Do they need to spend 2 hours each day instead of one on their content and building mathematical foundations? At Michigan Online School, you have that freedom. We support our students where they are academically. Students can move more quickly or slow down if they need to.

Student-Focused Flexibility

Students and families are free to choose how to schedule their days. They decide what live sessions they want to, or need to, participate in. Many of our students have activities outside of school (athletic training, medical appointments, jobs). So, they need to have a flexible schedule that allows them to learn and achieve on their schedule.

Students must meet the requirements of logging into and completing work in each course each day. They must work for a minimum of 6.1 hours. However, they can do so differently than they have ever done before. Teachers hold live classes, small group instruction, and one-to-ones every day for students who want more teacher-guided instruction or extra academic support. Importantly, teachers build learning experiences into the courses. This system ensures students are mastering the content even if they don’t, or can’t, attend live sessions.

Historically, society has expected all children to thrive in the same type of educational setting and education model. But at Michigan Online School, we know not all children fit into the same box. We have all the technology, support, and resources to ensure students’ success without them having to attend math at 8 AM, science at 9 AM, history at 10 AM, and having 30 minutes for lunch. Does an asynchronous model of education work well for all students? Absolutely not. Certainly, students and families should be motivated, engaged, and looking for a new way of learning. Transforming education for our students and families is what we do at Michigan Online School. Having an asynchronous learning model supported by education experts who partner with our families is just one way we put students at the center of every decision we make.