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Faculty and Staff


Our teachers are passionate about students and education. Michigan Online teachers provide support and guidance to students. They are available via phone, email, weekly online office hours, and host live lessons which are also recorded for convenience and review.

Rachel Arens Health & PE Teacher
Jennifer Belmar Spanish Teacher
Kent Case ELA TeacherĀ 
Kathryn Cole ELA Teacher
Jennifer Dunning Science Teacher
Megan Armstrong Science Teacher
Rita Hazime Science Teacher
Ranjani Iyer Math Teacher
Ashley Kleikamp Math Teacher
Clairessa Love Math Teacher
Audrey Brace ELA Teacher
Will Luzar PE Teacher
Bridget Manuel Science Teacher
Stacie Piotrowski Art Teacher
Christiana Reynolds Social Studies Teacher
MacKenzie Zagorski Math Intervention Teacher
Jeannette Stach Teacher Consultant
Mitch VanOchten Jr. Math Teacher
William Bock Social Studies Teacher
Haley Dawe Electives Teacher
Elizabeth Franklin Transition Coordinator/Consultant
Anthony Gismonde Business Teacher
Amber Hicks Teacher Consultant
Michelle Kennedy Teacher Consultant
Justin Langel Social Studies Teacher
Heidi Whitaker Social Studies Teacher
Jennifer Couzens ELA Teacher
Julie White ELA Teacher
Kristen Carter English Learning Coordinator/Teacher
Chelsey Gismonde Elementary Teacher
Lisa Malnar Elementary Teacher
Paige Russo Elementary Teacher
Brian Poppen Math Teacher
Gabrielle Nelson Math Teacher
Joanna McLean Math Teacher
Johannah Hawkins ELA Teacher
Kelly Nguyen Language and Social Studies Teacher
Theresa Mohr Science Teacher
Cindy Flynn SWD Teacher
Claire Krukowski SWD Teacher
David Arter SWD Teacher
Dakoda Ash Math Intervention Teacher
Shelby Bennett ELA Intervention Teacher
Morae Griffin SWD Teacher
Jamie Mlinarich ELA Interventionist
Kristina Cox Elementary Math Interventionist

Student Services

The student services team works with you throughout the school year to ensure you and your student have the knowledge, support, and skills you need to have a successful school experience. The team provides holistic coordination of support services related to onboarding, academics, attendance, engagement, health, and wellness to ensure all students receive the necessary support, from general school-wide programming to individualized intervention and action planning. Through collaboration with teachers, students, parents, and community organizations, the student services team provides wrap-around support to ensure students are motivated and stay on track for graduation.


Barry Bach Success Coach
Denice Roberson Success Coach
Amy Gregory Success Coach
Sarah Harris Success Coach
Jim Van Nada Student Services
Macey Acker Attendance Support Specialist
Shyla Stanford Success Coach
Ciera Whitt Success Coach
Charity Brown Registrar
Vestita Ortiz State Reporter
Becky Stone Office Manager
Nancy Roth SWD Registrar
Kim Bush Operations Manager
Cheyenne Wilcox Success Coach
Kellee Chambers Success Coach
Lydia Price Success Coach
Max Jurewicz Success Coach
Katherin Mohney State & Federal Programs Manager
Donyll Lewis Field Coach
Kaia Harris Field Coach

School Counselors

School Counseling Team


Megan Eickhoff School Counselor
Kyeata Dukes Resource Counselor
Stacey Hull School Counselor
Tone Holland School Counselor
Sheree Goers Resource Counselor
Fanta Doumbia School Social Worker
Michael Trudell School Social Worker
Dania Dilbert SWD Social Worker
Rachel Speelman School Counseling Tech
Feliesha Virgo School Social Worker